“Now has been discontinued, responsible for my side of the staff, call the goods in the past, said the opening of a middle will, disbanded, and later changed the docking people, made it clear that no production, you can apply for a refund.” North China Bing Rui dealer Zhang said.

In fact, starting from March and April this year, ice sharp in the region has been abolished personnel, but also in arrears of the dealer’s costs.

“The current arrears of our costs are more than ten million, multinational companies, I believe the company will certainly give, but the time is too slow.

Encountered the same situation there are other dealers, dealers said, “stop the goods is true, and sometimes said to be able to produce, and sometimes can not say, always do not know the current cost of six or seven hundred thousand Yuan, the company to the goods and money can be.

Many dealers have said that since last year, the company’s production is not normal, start playing money can be, is to line up production, there is no clear date. Sometimes sent over the goods is the shelf life of the goods, that customer do not want. The Cheap $69 Retractable Banner wholesale | one group promotional program cannot boost enough sales any more!

Dealers said, in fact, the market can move, but that is relatively small. Pre-bartender had the most popular time, the other is RIO (Rui Australia) squeeze more serious, the current RIO market but relatively stable.

Bacardi said, “the current ice sharp has not recruited agents, and in the maintenance phase, the follow-up how not yet set.”

This confirms the rumors of the industry before. Rumors that the focus of Bacardi itself is not in the ice sharp body, but will focus on the rum and other spirits category. “Bacardi is dominated by spirits and is the world ‘s largest rum company, and Freezer is not big in the company’ s global business and is not the focus of development,” said Bacardi ‘s people.


Freezer and Rui O is the pre-wine market, the two brands, 2014, pre-bartender suddenly hot up. Many dealers and manufacturers in the industry began to intervene in the pre-wine market, such as Furui launched Baise, Luzhou Laojiao Group launched a “super body” cocktail and so on. In the year of the rum, it is unprecedented.

Dealers said that in 2014 that time, pre-tune the wine is extremely hot, as long as the pendulum can basically sell, no matter what the taste, can be sold. A local supermarket system is the annual sales of 3 million yuan, “students do not put on pre-bartending party seems wrong.”

Freezer and Rui O in the Retractable Banner marketing campaign has been competitive, hot, both are better, but as a foreign-funded enterprises, although it seems very standardized, but in fact the internal management of the rules and regulations too much, very cumbersome, resulting in insufficient response The Dealers reflect the extremely hot in the industry when the ice sharp production can not keep up. But later when the market adjustment, Bacardi as a foreign company, everything is in accordance with the beginning of the budget, can not bear the loss, so began to reduce costs, abolition of personnel, so that the market a vicious circle.

Pre-bartender has a shelf life, the supermarket is the main sales channels, in the hot period, the companies have begun to Yahuo, so when the inventory began to squeeze, when the product is approaching, dealers have dumped goods, and sometimes temporary products , A few dollars “playing the bulk of the head” to sell, after the dealer began to lose money.
Ruiao also appeared in the problem, the performance plummeted. The first half of 2016, 100 Run’s pre-set cocktail revenue continued to plummet 78.34%, continued to decline!

Squeeze the foam

Pre-bartender is a high-margin category with a gross margin of up to 70% or more. Open the listed company 100 Run shares of the earnings, gross profit up to 74.47%. Low cost of production, the process is not complicated, when the industry blowout development, many players began admission, for a time, the market is full of various brands, but these products are not much difference in quality, swarm The result is a price war.

Dealers said that pre-wine is actually a can do the industry, if the actual supply and demand in accordance with the market production, each home does not Yahuo, will be a relatively benign category. But good and bad, each Yahuo, leading consumers to drink temporary products, this is not conducive to the development of the entire category.
From the future trend, pre-bartending can certainly accommodate two or three brands. Now look, Rui Australia began to gradually stabilize down. Freezer out of the market, but the dealer said the brand is still a great value.

This industry needs to squeeze the bubble, this year is the bottom, the future is a continuous squeeze the bubble, the process of return.

Does the use of Cheap Retractable Banners in the wine industry still work?

Pre-wine on the study of the total of Wu (a pseudonym), said: “pre-bartender had a lot of hot and Rui Australia communication has a great relationship in the media and other media in the screen to guide the consumption of the scene, Wave test consumption, leading a trend, but after the consumer did not form a habitual scene.
At that time want to do long-term brand of business, the cost will be relatively high. But the cost can only supply goods to the dealer, once the temporary, the dealer on the low price rejection. After the influx of the market, began to chaos.

Rui O also exist in this issue, the performance of the flow every month, Rui Australia has been 8% of the “working capital.” Regardless of whether the order is placed next month, 8% of the working capital must be hit. Quotes are good when there is no problem, but the market is not good, dealers are reluctant.

For the future, Wu said that consumer demand or some, “to be able to enter the minds of consumers, the time period of at least three or four years.” This year is the bottom of the market, the legacy of the problem has been slowly disposed of. The future will be a recovery, but must be based on product taste adjustment and innovation.

At present, consumers are more of it as a beer to drink, if drunk, drunk up very uncomfortable, which requires efforts in product innovation. Now is the trend of consumption, consumers are not dependent on the wine.

The future of new wine

In the adjustment period of the wine industry, all kinds of innovation after another, strictly speaking, pre-bartender is not a new thing, but the reason why the industry caused widespread concern and participation, there are three main points:

First, because the industry adjustment period of confusion, do not know where the future of the industry.

Second, Rui Australia, ice sharp as the representative of the pre-set wine began to hot.

Third, this positioning of young groups of consumer products, stimulating the concerns of traditional white wine, whether the young people will spend the debate on liquor has not been broken.

We have to see, pre-bartender is undergoing adjustment period, but also to see a lot of new wine began to cut a striking figure, such as fresh wool puffed buckwheat.

The traditional wine industry, marketing innovation to substitute old school Cheap Retractable Banner. However, the important thing for the consumer is the product. Believe that the next wave of great wine company, must be a product innovation company.