Which advertising cost is more expensive to create traffic?

Not because the Cat’s traffic is expensive, we only come to the line down. I am not so silly, if the line is still selling things, this is not regress it?

We have a kind of illusion, 90 after the second element of the young people do not like shopping. In fact, he does not like shopping, but no shop can give him shopping. The original line of the industry pays attention to speed and efficiency and only considers selling goods. Young people will feel cool enough He is not as good as watching live, while the takeaway, buying snacks, at home can also have a very comfortable day. This experience at home is more than the store, so they do not want to go out. But if the store has a new event, you can attract them over.

It is not right for the line to buy traffic on the line. The line is to play experience. Such as Wanda support non-alternative class, and experience class consumption, and the proportion increased from 50% to 65%. In other words, Wanda is no longer only department stores, restaurants, do ordinary shopping center, it also does travel. Because people will always eat, drink and play. Wanda saw such a strong demand, online traffic blocked the traffic.

The so-called “online traffic is too expensive”, and “cutting off the middleman is a pit”, are false. A lot of people have been misled, and every day to call the day cat supermarket expensive How you are expensive, lamb cat than Wal-Mart is cheaper to sell, not so much cost. In the Lynx supermarket as long as the deduction of 15%. I went to the supermarket, give Wal-Mart, and Carrefour how much? This number is terrible, to give 32%. In such circumstances, you say that consumers pay much of the high cost?

We are very clear: online completely solves the sales problem, there is only one thing under the line, which is the experience. The purpose of the experience is to enhance the brand with Feather Flags advertising [Feather Flags & Feather Banners | Cheap -20% FREE Ship], but we do not want consumers to buy more things in the store.

Correctly understand the word “experience shop”

Many people understand the experience store as an experienced product. For example, Apple Store, wants users to experience the product through Apple’s culture because the phone needs to carefully decide the category. But for the snack store said he was an “experience shop”, I think a little does not fly.
The customer entering a food brand experience store, should experience what? In fact, is to experience the brand culture. In the era of brand IP, you have a strong IP, the user can feel your differences.

Our shop mainly studied two brands: Disney and Line. They are extremely good at operating IP brands. Through a series of derivative products such as the development, authorization, sales, and IP itself directly to create a product has a very high yield. More importantly, it also helps the brand to improve its visibility by advertising Custom Flags, Banners, and Table Covers | Cheap -20% FREE Ship, under the other business.

Disney is the forerunner of the industry. Before just hearing its name, went after it only to find: “Ice and Snow” in the Elsa skirt the reason why a year to sell 3 million authentic, in addition to the Disney brand as a whole is very strong, from research and development, channels, sales can be firmly Master, and more importantly, they know how to show IP in the shop, even at all costs to enhance the brand with Feather Flag Banner’s high sense of the part. From the plush toys around to the floor of a brick shop, the quality is difficult to reach start-up companies. We are particularly adept at this kind of workmanship and ingenuity, which is one of the goals of our efforts.

While Line is the new king of this industry. Because of its mascot Xiongda, rabbits are drawn from animals, and three squirrels are closer, so we also studied the Japanese company, how the main business in China, the total lack of market, operating from a strong IP So that not many people used Line, but also frantically buy the surrounding, patronize Line coffee.

Line’s success may be related to the aesthetic trend of the 90’s nowadays – entertainment, and simplification. Therefore, their products and image are also particularly simple and rich systems. But we did not move in that direction. On the one hand cannot find a Chinese illustrator to create such a work, on the other hand, this aesthetic standard is still 90 after the exclusive – too linear, and simplistic. If by virtue of children’s awareness, they are difficult to appreciate the beauty behind these works.

In addition, Line and Disney are all foreign cultures, lack of communication channels in China: Disney Channel and LineApp. This is a very fatal problem. In addition to 80, after 90 know Mickey Mouse, 00 are now watching the Pleasant, bears come and go. IP operation concept needs to be set according to IP itself. If we copy the foreign culture’s mature model, and finally will lose our own characteristics.

Therefore, we established their own characteristics: the Feather Flags brand image is not the pursuit of Western-style, should be ground a little gas. Because we sell nuts, and snacks, have always been Volkswagen FMCG. But we talk about the story, the original simple and rude shopping experience becomes more refined.
To this end, we give up one-third of the store’s display area, it will be turned to provide a “water + light food” dining area, next to the trees, huts such forest elements. We also designed the same as the coffee machine in the bulk equipment, ten three meters long pipelines filled with nuts, open the valve can be caught with a paper cup. These are in order to live in the ground gas, to enhance the sensory stimulation.

Disney’s other revelation is that it is a sound IP realization system: cast a movie, the box office earns back, but also to the gold is also recovered, and get inside the park can play for a few decades, the sale is too good The.

I hope that the development of three squirrels in the future can have some traces of Disney. But the biggest difference with Disney is that it is a cultural brand, and then through the authorization, a paradise to cash.

And my business liquidity is actually stronger than it is. why? I first was a commercial brand, and then I put the commercial brand IP, invest in anime and movies, and then launch my commercial products. So that consumers will be more receptive capacity.
Close to Mickey to sell biscuits, and close to three squirrels to sell biscuits, I have the confidence to do better than they do, because we are born to do this.

Connect people and branding Feather Flags advertising

9 months ago, the store is still a conception: is it the same as the traditional super merchandise display goods? How is the store structure designed? Do you want to move some of your online experience offline? These are the problems we think about.

The end of our thinking is that three squirrels of the physical store must be virtual, physical two large series in series. From the line of the second element to the line of three yuan, in the process of embedding culture, and emotion, and thus connecting people and brands, rather than simply online and offline diversion.
We in the store set a lot to reflect the details of the brand connotation. Familiar with the three squirrels know that our online customer service in communication will not introduce their own number but called themselves a small squirrel, the user called “master”. This has become one of the brand identities on the Feather Flags
In the store, we put this experience from the original customer service typing into the store’s welcome language. New users may have a little bit of conflict at the beginning, but they will feel special when we accept it.

But emotional connection cannot rely solely on the details. Only one story throughout the shopping experience can be a very three-dimensional display of three squirrels IP image. But it must be simple, otherwise, the shopping will be like a treasure hunt game, hindering the purpose of sales.

Now the user into the store, At the entrance of the ground there is a piece of glass, painted with four cartoons, as the story of the primer: three squirrels riding a carriage, from the forest to the city’s food shop prey. They were in the middle of a car accident, hit a stump, the carriage of goods are scattered everywhere, cannot be brought back to the forest. In order to solve this problem, they began to sell the stalls selling these nuts – the store is their shop.

We are the story of the key elements of the scene made of fibreglass sculpture so that users have a sense of substitution. To this end, we and several design companies disagree. They had previously designed a large layout for Carrefour, and Wal-Mart, and it was hard to understand why we did not like the design of the past, and even felt that the image of the squirrel was particularly low and not high.

But if there is no squirrel of the IP, we and other snack brand stores there is no difference. Therefore, we finally decided to be directly involved in the creative stage, drawing sketches, so that the external design company to fill in the details.

In this process, we gradually realized: If you seriously operate an IP, the little things done are very delicate and beautiful, experience, a sense of strong enough atmosphere, it can also be very high-end.

Brand culture channels

For a mature brand, relying on online word of mouth is difficult to hold up a true and comprehensive brand experience.
Online shopping is more virtual. From the order to open the package to see inside the nut snacks, the middle of the process all the fault. But the line is not the same, if the user really hit real touch, and tastes, the product will have a more three-dimensional perception.

Once the user is willing to buy, we will guide him as much as possible to complete the purchase in the App, the next day will be able to receive, rather than directly in the store to buy, so to avoid consuming too much inventory, to supply chain replenishment pressure. The changes in the scene also allow users to change their habits of consumption: from shopping to hoarding goods, do not take cash consumption, and virtually improving the customer unit price.

In addition, the brand of IP operations also needs such a physical store space. Day cat is difficult to sell around, because the user cannot feel through the pictures of plush toys’ texture, or notebook printing, such as the degree of the high sensitivity of the factors. 1.5 m, 2 m plush toys, it is difficult to use pictures that it is much. But if the user really touched the shop, photo, it will further stimulate the purchase impulse.

Brand shape to reach a certain stage, this place will naturally become a channel – not just sales channels, there may be brand culture channels. We use nearly half of the space in the tables and chairs, around, as is to let the store into a fan gathering place. The use of a three-tier city circle small, narrow advantage, gathered a lot of people flow. At present, the influence of online brands alone, there have been more than 10,000 people participating in the opening ceremony. If these people have half to shop, then they daily people have been able to catch up with Wuhu Wanda such a large business body.

Online category and price

With the same price
Frankly, at first, we did not even know if we wanted to move the snack business off the line and worry that it would be in conflict with the price on the line. Later, we understand the electronic price tag technology: store with a PDA scan two-dimensional code, a minute after the price tag on the container can be displayed with the online channel exactly the same price.

At present, the physical store of all the designs of the line – days on the 199 SKU were all moved to the line. This is mainly for the user experience. If the user found the online shop cannot buy a day on single product, but also had to return to the day cat, that the meaning of the store is not big.

Three squirrels in the country have a lot of DC warehouses (Distribution Centers), city warehouses, and regional distribution centers, which belong to our national distribution logistics expansion plan. The initial logistics and transportation costs are relatively large, but the store can be effectively reduced after the cost of laying out.

A city shop
Take Wuhu as an example. If the same as the Friends of the three lines in the city to shop along the street, about 25. But if I only open a staff, the cost of rent is one-third of the 25, can guarantee the cost does not change. And if the use of joining, consignment, the brand is difficult to form a strong terminal control. Price push, down, rent, profit, underwriting, these manufacturers have no way to intervene. But in the future operation of the three squirrels in the store, the manager does not need to participate in the pricing of such matters, unified control by the headquarters price. The headquarters of a change, all the store prices also take effect at the same time.

Other interesting news with Feather Flags

Second, the store is based on brand experience, with cultural experience as the core. Such as the shop used in the “unpacking bag free back” function, there are also in the store. I do not emphasize line sales, because I hope the user several times a year on the line, feels the atmosphere. The ultimate goal is to give the shop, App diversion, and the formation of sticky on the Internet, in the next month or two single. If the purpose of this shop is to allow him to patronize, then our strategy from the beginning is wrong.
In the future, we will be covered with China’s three or four lines of the city, a total of 300 to 500 such scale. In the near term, we will probably open three to four by the end of the year, including Suzhou, Bengbu and so on, with plans to reach 100 by the end of 2017.

Generally, a retail store covers a range of about 3.5 km, but the future of the business district is a combination of the virtual business district and physical business district, bringing traffic focus. A physical business district can be the whole of Wuhu City, it can be a shopping center. Through the physical shop for IP operations, so that all the people are aware of the Wuhu “burst”.

The virtual business district includes a large number of our online users. They saw the brand on Feather Banners in every place during the day cat, forming an impression. One day, if he wanted to close about the brand or just shop, will enter my physical store. This is the role of a virtual business district.

Through the polymerization of these two flows, I can shop the cost of amortization, while achieving relatively high sales, such as the 300 square meters of the store, the annual sales are expected to exceed 10 million yuan, higher than Starbucks single store average of 700 Million yuan sales. But 10 million yuan is not the focus, more importantly, it can lead to online sales, and customer relations play a great pull new, to maintain the role of sticky.

Measure whether the IP is strong or not the standard is that consumers are willing to drive for you dozens of minutes, to your shop to see, and pay for you. If the consumer does not want to, then you are just a shop only.

In the past, all minds “burst”, in the product explosion. But now we want to produce a brand explosion, there is a lot everyone loves IP, and comes with traffic.

In China’s development process, all the good things are first to second-tier cities. Three, four lines have not been met, was educated, so the brand easier to operate, the formation of the commercial center. If in Beijing, where it may be open can only release a limited amount of sound. But open in Wuhu, overnight all Wuhu more than 100 million people know. If a person can come once or twice a year, and we establish a brand contact in the future can become my online customer. From this perspective, three or four lines of cities can better connect brands and consumers.